The Huts Mushrooms are small architectures, such as new "Folies" contemporary. With the changes of scale, they create the garden a world dedicated to childhood, that of the kingdom of the imagination. Nature is the same case of ChampiCabanes.


In harmony with Mother Nature, we have chosen again the form of the fungus, always attractive, safe and tenderly secret of this plant.

Being alert to sounds of nature, smells, movements ...

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United in their passion and desire to create a new garden project, Corinne Julhiet Détroyat and Claude Pasquer introduce their newest collection of sculptures, the ChampiCabanes (mushroom cabins), which continue to build on the theme of their work: nature and artifice, aesthetics and function, magic and biodiversity.

After the ChampiComposteurs© were created and introduced in 2011 at the International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire, long forgotten memories from childhood were awakened. Corinne and Claude uncovered in each other distant shared memories of secret huts deep in the forest reminiscent of fairy tales from childhood. The result was the invention of the ChampiCabanes.

In harmony with Mother Nature, they chose once again the mushroom, who’s attributes invoke seduction, security and a tenderness simply by it’s inherent form. Their desire to replicate these happy childhood dreams led them to design and implement a whole new vocabulary that speaks to the child in all of us.

Photo alexandre Petzold
Photo alexandre Petzold
Photo alexandre Petzold
Photo alexandre Petzold

The ChampiCabanes are small architectures, «Follies». With the change of scale they create a garden world dedicated to childhood, a virtual kingdom of imagination. 

Proportioned to a child’s size, as in «A Day with Wilbur Robinson», the well known children’s book, where children allocate space and invent stories mixing reality and fantasy. In their first contact with the garden they intuitively develop curiosity, listening to the sounds of nature and reconnecting with the earth, the sky, the wind, the flora and the fauna, all of the classical elements. 

From Dreams to Reality

The ChampiCabanes are themselves a whole family composed of different sizes, shapes and functions.

The main attraction is the Great ChampiCabane© with it’s benches and small tables hosting four children, a veritable cocoon, eliciting encounters, exchange and play. Each child is free to create a life he or she wants without any self-consciousness the freedom of seeing without being seen. Through the braided rope material one can see the whole environment, to observe, escape and listen to nature with the utmost discretion; a kind of observation deck to nature.

Inside time seems suspended. In this intimate atmosphere the children can choose silence or can listen to music connecting via Bluetooth. The ChampiCabanes can accommodate audio with a tablet or smartphone. It measures 2.8m high, it’s hat is 3.25m in diameter. 

The ChampiCachette© is a smaller and more intimate version, perfect for two children around the circular bench with two small tables. It measures 2.10 m high, it’s hat is 2.4m in diameter.

The ChampiCachecache© (two) the one child version, where the child can hide above the door without being seen, like the magic of childhood. At the bottom of each mushroom there is a small bench, like a real environmental observation post, experiencing the biodiversity, accommodating audio with a tablet or smartphone. It measures 3m high, it’s hat is 2.8m in diameter.

The ChampiCoffre© is the ultimate ‘toy storage box’ to store toys, books, crafts and outdoor games that the child will want to make with materials available to him or her in the outdoor environment around him

The garden art of childhood.

The  ChampiCabanes are both functional, sturdy and aesthetic sculptures, thanks to the unique combination of natural mesh  and rope covering the structure of the mushroom ironwork.

The  ChampiCabanes are both functional, sturdy and aesthetic sculptures, thanks to the unique combination of natural mesh  and rope covering the structure of the mushroom ironwork.

Unlike the huts from our childhood, the ChampiCabanes have neither a front aspect, roofs or windows. They have 360 degree views and the feeling of being far, far away...

The Ironwork consists of perforated metal doors surrounded by the thinnest double braided string. The double doors slide for ease of opening and closing with handles on each door both inside and outside. These doors give children a secure sense of being at home.


As with our ChampiComposteurs, the hats are made in mesh with reinforced fiberglass to ensure a tight fitting cover and to retain the transparency of the material with regard to the sun. 

Interior details and amenities

The Magic of the Night

At night the furnishings take on an even more magical coloration.

Respect of the environment being paramount, Corinne and Claude leverage the glow of the LED lighting highlighting the curves and shadows of the ChampiCabanes. The results of optimizing the variety of materials, the intricacies of the braided rope, the holes in the metal doors and the transparency of the mesh hats, leave the children with a wonderful and fun feast for their eyes.

At night the warm color of the amber lighting, the magic stone add unsuspected perceptions of shapes and silhouettes not seen during the day. All the elements come together in the dark of night to strengthen the imagination of children and their families on a trip to magical landscapes beyond.

Yesterday, strange characters which he peopled the gardens of the castle of Rivau, today, amazing giant mushrooms … Claude Pasquer’s grid sculptures pollinate wonderful gardens. In good geniuses of nature, in messengers of the living, Chaumont-sur-Loire in Luberon.

Claude Pasquer is an enthusiast who dedicates his career to the work of the earth. Hands-on, this seasoned landscape gardener is now looking for ways to raise awareness and interest the younger generation in key issues of concern. Over time, Claude Pasquer’s inventions have become works of art. Detours on its way, between the paths punctuated with giant mushrooms.


Architect landscaper DPLG, teacher at ENSP Versailles (National School of Landscape), artist, Claude Pasquer claims to gardener. In the tradition of his former teacher Gilles Clément, horticultural engineer, botanist, entomologist, biologist, author of the Planetary Garden: “the gardener became responsible for the living”. Claude Pasquer explains that “as a garden creator , he is a carrier of this vegetal dynamic”. With a cheerful activism, this man with sparkling eyes has opted for the arts, drawing and sculpture, to sow its ecological seed and educate young and old at the stake of biodiversity and the future of the garden.

Magic of night lighting by LEDs highlighting the curves and richness of the material.

Alexandre Petzold

The Champicabanes at La Molière in the Luberon, in the garden of his ally Corinne Détroyat, lair of the Crunchers of landscapes in June and August, for courses of a week “liberating”.

Alexandre Petzold

In the beginning was the “champicomposteur” born from a double observation: the first by looking at one of his friends, Christine Coulon, in her garden and her small size rejects at the foot of trees that she declares stimulators of biodiversity; and the second, the absurd removal of green waste in his home village. “Everything must return to the land, sizes and mowing”. He invents a mushroom-shaped chicken wire structure, a symbol of regenerated life in Chinese philosophy. This is to make the composting phase aesthetic in order to initiate the practice.

In alternating layers of “carbon-based brown and nitrogen-based green, it fills it into heated strata with active biodiversity.” In 2011, he exhibited with his accomplice Corinne Détroyat, Garden Crunchers – summer drawing classes – an installation of mushrooms and other “sculptillonnages”, (sculpture + hortillonnage) at the Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire Festival. The scenography is imbued with philosophy and sustainable development: large sunflowers offer, in their corolla roasting bee shelters , vases are watering butterflies or bird feeders.

Playful mushrooms for young and old alike

“Designing the gardens of tomorrow is logical for the children, but how do you get them interested in the garden?” “By the cabin , everyone’s dream.” He imagines “Champicabanes, to see without being seen.” Braided rope, disproportionate, shining in the night, they introduce a fairy, as many stories in germination. Sheltersolitary or hideout for four rascals, the “Champicabane comes in different formats, up to the smallest reserved for the family animal or otherwise called” champicoffre treasure “.” Claude Pasquer invites – through his sketch lessons in the “blue house” of his Corinne’s Luberon as well as his sculptures – to live the thoughts of Gilles Clément, his mentor: “the garden, the very privileged place of the meeting of the man and the nature, where the dream is authorized, where one can dream within this enclosure …

Inside the garden, existential harassment vanishes. “Another garden architecture to experiment with binomial Claude and Corinne, BioLabyrinthus installed in Como A bucolic stroll that hybrid references to Renaissance gardens and current challenge of biodiversity .